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~30 Days of Truth~ Guided Journal with Poetic Undertones


You will be presented with new words daily that inspire you to share your truths & expose triggers that tell you lies. Enjoy the poetic undertones of my thoughts as you contemplate your own understanding of each word & how it relates to you.

Answer each question with honesty as you are planting seeds of wisdom for your future self. Be transparent, vulnerable, creative, vulgar, raw, honest, loving, simple yet complex, however you desire to express yourself




This Book was created as the 1st serving with-in a 3 book collection designed to provide “you the reader” with clarity, compassion, and confidence to live in your truths. When you start to know yourself, you can recognize your truths and have the courage to live out loud. Every page is a journey that offers you a seat at the table of life. You will be inspired to have internal conversations that will make you cry, that will make you laugh, and that will make you say Damn that was Deep!

30 Days of Truth

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