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Brittney Y.S.L LeBlue is a South Central native and is no stranger to the many experiences that being born and raised in the inner city of LA has to offer. Deciding that right after high school she wanted to see more, she moved to the Bay Area to attend Cal State East Bay. Becoming a mother at age 19 did not stop Brittney from pursuing her education. She enrolled in Community College and worked part time while raising her 1st son. Fast forward 15 years later Brittney is now a mother of two wonderful boys Khalil who is 15 and Amir who is 10. She has earned a B.A in Psychology, Masters in Educational Technology, & is now a Self Published Author. Through her journey she has developed a passion to support college students who are also parents like herself. She strives to connect Student-Parents to resources that will increase Academic Success, promote Family Bonding and improve Self-Care. At her core, Brittney is still just a kid at heart trying to make her LA dreams come true.


To inspire, enlighten & cultivate

a community of individuals filled with

Love, Honesty & Healing


Create safe spaces for like minds to Connect


Share Real Stories & Poetry

Served warm from the heart with a slice of soul


Captivate the Beauty of Truth, Forgiveness and Gratitude

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