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Guided Journals
Poetic Undertones

The purpose of this journal
is to guide you back into yourself to a place of
peace, love & clarity.
30 Days of Truth
allowed you to explore
the deepest parts of your mind to
unlock unique thought patterns and perspectives.
30 Statements of Forgiveness
allows you to explore
the deepest parts of your heart to
unlock hidden blocks and barriers.
In order for harmony to exist
we must be in balance with both our mind & heart. Use the honesty in this book as a catalyst for your own healing and your own forgiveness.

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Pink Blossom

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

— Oprah Winfrey



Inspired by her roots from

 South Central Los Angeles

to always create

her own lane...



To know her is to love her...



Captivated by life


Destined to heal the world 



~Serving Truth for the Soul~

Brittney Y.S.L LeBlue is a South Central native and is no stranger to the many experiences that being born and raised in the inner city of LA has to offer.

Deciding that right after high school she wanted to see more,

she moved to

the Bay Area to attend

Cal State East Bay.

 Becoming a mother at age 19 did not stop Brittney from pursuing her education.

She enrolled in Community College and worked part time while

independently raising her 1st son.

Fast forward 13 years later Brittney is now a mother of two wonderful boys

Khalil who is 13 and Amir who is 8


has earned a B.A in Psychology


Masters in Educational Technology,

started her own custom jewelry business


now is a Self-Published Author.

Through her journey she has developed a passion to support college students who are also parents like herself.

She is in the process of starting a non-profit called The Parent Corner which has a dedicated mission to support, inspire and cultivate a sense of community by promoting Educational Success.

The purpose is to empower parents to further their education & unite families under the Umbrella of Knowledge.

She strives to connect Student-Parents to resources that will increase

Academic Success, promote Family Bonding and improve Self-Care.

At her core,

Brittney is still just a kid at heart

trying to make her

LA dreams come true.



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